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Stefan Häusl

FWT 2014 is over, time to have some real Freeride days!


Verbier is the most important event in the whole FWT. Only the top 12 riders are qualified for that Event. I could qualify myself every year since I ski the tour for that Comp. Sounds good, but I never managed to ski a great run on that fabulous mountain.

The 5th stop in Revelstoke was canceled due to dangerous avalanche conditions. Right decision from my point of view.
My goal was to ski a top three result overseas, so it would have been possible for me to get the title. But after canceling the Revelstoke event it was over for me to fight for the title.

In Verbier I was super motivated, I felt good, I had a good line in my pocket (Reine won with that one). I had start number 14, that is preety late on the Bec de Ross. I wanted to jump a little bit to the skiers left angle, but unfortunately I hit rocks at the take off and so I lost ballance in the air and could not land my first cliff. I was really disappointed, I had big goals on that day and it did not work out. I ended up 10th overall in the FWT 2014.

Looking back over the last years, I am „OK“ happy with my FWT performances, again this year. Always when I do not crash I end up in the TOP 5. And so it was this year again. That means for me, I am still „hot“ for the top of the rankings, gives me motivation. Next year again!!!

Now it’s time for some bigger projects, we want to film a little for our next movie project.

Still motivated to ski lines, missed it this year after waiting and waiting all over the world for the competition day.

Stay tuned,


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FWT14 – Run of Bib #13 Stefan Hausl AUT… von FreerideWorldTourTV

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