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SPURTREU the movie

Here you can watch our last production!

SPURTREU, 25 min
Camera and Producer: Hanno Mackowitz
Rider: myself and Björn Heregger

Entirely filmed at the Arlberg. We had an amazing time and we are very proud to present you the full movie. We traveled through many cities with the Freeride Film Festival Tour and showed it to big audiences. The people loved, I hope you guys like it too!

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End of season, happy with my winter!

The season comes to an end. It was a great one.

In the Freeride World Tour I endet up in 8th position out of 27 riders. Beside that I had a great Filming season. No big crashes, many exciting lines and lot’s of fun. You will see our new movie in fall 2016 on festivals.

Here a mountain we have skied last season for our movie:

You can watch my run in Alaska in that video:

Replay Live Webcast- Haines Alaska – Swatch… von FreerideWorldTourTV

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Freeride World Tour 2016!

The Freeride World Tour started very good for me. After two Competitions I am ranked as number 7 in the overall ranking. Since the top 14 will make it to the 4th stop in Alaska, I am in  a nice position for the next Competitions.
My results were 8th in Andorra and 5th in Chamonix.

Have a look at my runs here:

My run starts at: 3:18:54

My run starts at: 2:00:07

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Scott sports

Since years I can live from being a Freeride professional. Without my partners and sponsors I could not do that. Since the beginning Scott sports is believing in me and my skiing. The supported me since my first day. The are my partners when it comes to goggle, helmets, backbags and  poles. Here you can watch the newest company movie of them.

Summer Training

What a summer!

In the alps we are having an incredible summer so far. After a nice holiday with my family after a long and great winter my training for the next season started again. I am working with my trainer Phil Anker again. I meet him once a week in Innsbruck for an intense  training session. For the rest of the week he writes me a training program and I can work that off at home. It adds up to 4 hours of training a day.
As it is very important to be outdoors as a Freerider (good for body and soul), I can adjust some sessions to the weather conditions and keep my training pretty flexible.

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ALASKA was a blast!

The Freeride world tour moved the first time since existing to the Mekka of Freeriding Alaska (Haines). Only the top 16 ski men were allowed to compete on that incredible mountains over there. Also, this 16 qualified riders for AK were also qualified for the Freeride world tour 2016. Again, I qualified myself for that, since 6 years in a row.
I had a taff start since I was sick at the beginning of the contest season. Finally I skied a OK run in Andorra and then it was AK time. We tried to start the competition on two days but the weather did not play the game. But the third try worked out very well. Blue bird weather, great fresh snow, it was just so much fun to charge down that great mountain.

I had not the best of luck at the end of my run. I still do not know why I crashed and I will never find out. But one thing I know, it would have been a great run. Watch the video below.

Now it is filming time. Hopefully good times in front of us,

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FWT15 – Run of Stefan Hausl (AUT) Swatch… von FreerideWorldTourTV