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Fieberbrunn FWT 6th rank, Overall 4th!

Hello, a little recap after three FWT Stops!

The good thing is, I am ranked number 4 overall at the moment. Yesterday we had the third stop of the FWT in Kappl (Tirol). Unfortunately we haven’t had enough snow to run the comp in Fieberbrunn. The organizers reacted very quick and the whole tour moved to Kappl, which is only 20 min away from my hometown Strengen. It’t felt great to ski a comp where I could sleep at home and arrive in the morning. I never had that before. The venue was pretty small and easy, but in this winter we have to kind of take what we get.
After crashing in Chamonix I did not ski full on this time. I did not reach my limit, but my goal was to get a top result without crashing. And so I did. I ended up in 6th position. With starting number 3 it was also pretty hard for me to see what is possible in that conditions. Not easy to start that early. But it went good. 6th out of 32 riders is a good result.
I got now one crash, one 4th and one 6th place, that means that I am overall in 4th position in the FWT.
Now I can focus on the next two events in the Kirkwood and Revelstoke. If I can ski a podium over there, it can look really good for me this year.
All in all I am happy with my season so far. My skiing feels good, I am totally used to my Nordica Helldorado as well. Makes skiing very easy. Thanks for that great product.

Now it is time for filming during the next two weeks. Let’s see where we are going, follow the snow.

Wish you guys lot’s of snow and cold temperatures.


Phuuuu, what a time!

Hello again,

this was a very busy time. After waiting for snow and weather windows we finally got to ski two FWT Events during the last days. The first stop was in Courmayeur, Italy. The venue was pretty small and not really steep. I skied with a late start number but I was able to deliver. My goal was to reach the top five and finally I got this done as 4th! I was super happy with that!!!
My skiing felt good, my skies were working great (Nordica Helldorados) and I did a very very fast line with a nice triple on top.

After that we went through the Chamonix tunnel to ski the next comp in Chamonix. And again, I went for it. But this time a missed my take off by 1,5 meters and landed on a very sharp rock. I ended up „tomahacking“ pretty far down the hill. But it was steep so I did not hurt myself.

But, I keep the motivation up and now we are in Fieberbrunn. My home region. Should be good here again, I want to reach the top five.

If you want to follow my season a little bit closer, get friend with me on fb.
Will keep you updated,



„WIE FREERIDER DENKEN“ 10th of January in St. Anton.

Hello together,

snow is hopefully on its way. At the meantime we are skiing hard packed and practicing our landings. We are having fun out there, but we are all looking forward to feel some soft snow under our skies. Fingers crossed!

On the 10th of January we (Björn and myself) are holding a presentation in St. Anton am Arlberg. We will talk about how we plan lines, how we reach them and how we ski them. Most of the time we think before we ski. After that you can watch DASEIN on the big screen!

Would be great to see many many people there for this nice evening!

Marry christmas! Pray for snow!


DASEIN update!

Hello everyone,

I want to say thank you for watching DASEIN over the last two weeks. On all our players we have together 40.000 views in 2 weeks. Thats pretty amazing since the majority of the people watching it are german speaking people. Thanks for that and thanks for the amazing feedback and comments.

Yesterday I got the information that the first stop of the FWT will be postponed to March. I was trying hard to get some hard skiing days in before I fly to Canada. But now things changed and the start of the FWT will be in Jannuary in Courmayeur. That means, no stress to get ready, no stress at christmas and on the christmas day and maybe some great skiing before the tour starts. The conditions on the MacDaddy in Canada would have been not good for all the skiers. We would have landed on rocks and sharks. There fore it was for sure the better decision of the organizers. Thanks for that.

DASEIN is still online:

So far,


DASEIN, the full movie for free!

Here we go!
Please watch it in HD! You will like it 🙂
It would be a great help if you could share it with friends all over the world!

Have fun,

DASEIN TRAILER, Free online version 25th November!

Trailer DASEIN: